Tuesday 17th May 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Pool (18 Pegs )
1st M Hall (Tuxford) Peg Island 43 86-4-0
Mick Hall continued from last Tuesday with another win .Drawn on the island peg 43 Mick fished meat and pellet on long pole and later corn over groundbait in the margins for carp and skimmer bream
2nd S Robbins (Map Leegem) Peg Island 51 79-4-0
Steve fished at 6m with corn over feed pellet also for a mixed net of skimmers and carp to 9lb.
3rd D Whiting (Buttonhole) Peg Island 63 73-14-0
Dave fished pellet on short pole and later catmeat in the margins for carp to 12lb
4th A Tait (Map Leegem) 63-14-0 5th G Brookes (Maltby) 57-12-0
Thursday 18th May 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Moat Pool (46 Pegs)
1stP Tatley (Map Leegem) Peg Outer 60 57-14-0
This ever popular Thursday vets open proved to be a tough contest with the carp unwilling to feed in numbers. Pete Tatley found enough from outer 60 fishing corn,pellet and paste at 6m for carp up to 8lb
2nd K Pacey (Crooked Billet) Peg Outer 102 51-12-0
Ken Pacey fished at 10m with 6mm expander pellet over 4mm feed for 9 carp and a few skimmers
3rd D Slaymaker (Leicester) Peg Outer 46 48-3-0
Don fished maggot and caster on short pole and later corn at 11m for mainly skimmers to 2lb and 2 carp
4th A Mccurdy (Sheffield) 43-14-0 5th D Clegg/D Sewell 38-14-0
Friday 20th May 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Pool (34 Pegs)
1st D Oldham (Maltby) Peg Outer 82 145-12-0
This Friday match proved to be a cracker with the top 4 anglers all reaching the ton. Leading the way was Daz Oldham with 145lb. Daz fished corn and expander pellet on short pole for mainly carp to 10lb and a few skimmers.
2nd S Barraclough (Frenzee/Bait Tech) Peg Island 56 124-14-0
Ever consistent Steve Barraclough came second fishing up in the water with pellet and meat at 13m and later switched to the margins with corn over groundbait.
3rd M Hall (Tuxford) Peg Outer 110 113-4-0
Mick fished into the margins with corn,pellet and meat for an all carp net
4th D Dare (Notts) 112-10-0 5th B Sullivan (Maltby) 88-7-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)
Bridge (20 pegs)
1S Barraclough, Frenzee/Bait Tech, 74-10-0; peg outer 47 S Yorks
Steve Barraclough opted to fish shallow with pellet and meat at 13m from peg 47 on the outer for 12 carp and a few skimmers
2D Oldham, Maltby, 68-6-0; peg outer 50 S Yorks
Daz Oldham fell just 1 carp behind using similar shallow pole tactics to Steve
3 K Pacey, Crooked Billet, 64-6-0; peg outer 17 Lincs
Ken Pacey was third fishing paste and pellet over hemp at 11m for 10 carp
4 K Baxter, Mosborough, 61-6-0; S Yorks 5
ASellars, Bankside Tackle, 60-12-0; S Yorks 6 N Gray, Daiwa Hallcroft, 57-14-0; Notts
7 S Clark, Notts
8 J Thomas, Notts
Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Sunday)
Moat Outer (27 pegs)
1J Powell, Mexborough, 78-12-0; peg 22 S Yorks
The very windy conditions made pole fishing difficult today but John Powell managed to cope well fishing meat and corn over pellet at 11m to catch carp and bream for first place
2 C Mitchell, Maltby, 70-12-0; peg 67 S Yorks
The close second spot went to Colin Mitchell who caught mainly carp on a short pole line using paste over pellet
3 S Robbins, MAP Leegem, 69-8-0; peg 54 Notts
Steve Robbins fished corn to the margins landing carp and silvers for third place
4 D Dare, Mansfield, 67-14-0; Notts 5 J Skipper, Crooked Billet, 66-6-0; Lincs 6 S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 59-5-0 Notts
7 L Manterfield, S Yorks
8 R Vaughan, S Yorks
MAP Leegem Final (Sunday)
Moat Island (30 pegs)
1 P Elliott, MAP Leegem, 99-14-0; peg 57
The winner of this year‘s final, Paul Elliott, fished groundbait feeder and pellet in difficult windy conditions to catch mostly carp to 8lb with a few skimmers to weigh just 2oz short of the ton mark
2 J Simms, MAP Leegem, 95-4-0; peg 62
Not far behind was Joe Simms who presented pellet and corn at 6m to take carp to 7lb plus good-sized skimmers
3 G Lilley, MAP Leegem, 80-2-0; peg 42
Third was Graham Lilley with 80-2-0 of carp taken on catmeat down the edge
4 M Watson, MAP Leegem, 78-2-0; 5 D Oldham, Daiwa Hallcroft, 70-4-0; 6 B Sullivan, Goldthorpe, 68-12-0;
7 R Fox, MAP Leegem, 64-14-0
8 M Thorpe, MAP Leegem, 60-2-0