Into winter fishing as rain cools of water temperatures, however some very large doubles being caught and large silvers tight to reeds or in margins and of the bottom shelf.
Now is the time to try different baits out, from pellet, paste, chopped worm, caster and maggot. And try different swims around your peg.

Sunday 16th Oct 2016 open Lookout
Conditions:- rain and overcast, ambient temp 12 deg, wind SSE 11mph, barometer 1009mb, water temp 9 deg, DO 7.95, PH 7.40. mv –45
1st Martin Craig 55lb 9oz peg 1
2nd Rob Rundle 46lb 13oz peg 11
3rd Ethan Bradley 32lb 4oz peg 16aa

Sat 15th Oct 2016 open Bowes
Conditions:- rain overnight and drizzle at the start, then sunny, ambient temp 13 deg, wind S 7 mph, barometer 1009mb, water temp 9.45, DO 7.85, PH 7.40, mv –45
1st Rob Emery 54ln 9oz, peg 4
2nd Dave Pearson 40lb 9oz peg 22
3rd John Foster 39lb 1oz peg 2

Wed 12th Oct 2016 Open Lookout Ton up
Conditions:- Heavy rain overnight and rain through day, ambient temp 11 deg, wind E 11mph, barometer 1026 mb, water temp 10.9 deg, Ph 7.55, DO 8.75, mv –35
1st John Dryden 113lb peg 28 up in water mid way caster and pellet
2nd John Foster 97lb 14oz peg 5 pellet and paste up in water margins
3rd Derek Fox 43lb 9oz peg 16aa

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