16th October 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat (39 Pegs)
W Lomas, Leegem Outer 35 134-0-0
Wayne Lomas continued his good form with this win fro outer 35. Wayne fished pellet at 6m for 17 carp to 12lb
L Payling, Peg One Angling Outer 21 120-2-0
Lee Payling also fished a pole and pellet match from outer 21. Lee caught carp into double figures for 120lb
J Lebosquet, Garbolino Island 16 113-14-0
Jason fished short pole with banded pellet for his 3rd place finish
P Elliott, Leegem Island 47 80-9-0
G Gibson, Max Tackle Outer 26 74-0-0

15th October 2016 Saturday Carp/Silver Winter League Rnd 1
Moat Pool Island – 25 pegs
P Elliott, Leegem 52 149-13-0
This year’s carp/silverfish league got off to a good start with 149lbs winning overall and Ben Holmes winning the silverfish prize with over 55lbs of skimmers. Paul Elliott caught on pellet and corn at 13m and Ben caught on caster and short pole.
W Lomas, Leegem 23 109-7-0
Wayne Lomas took second overall with a nice net of carp taken on the pole at 9m using corn and 6mm pellets.
P Miles, Rotherham 4 86-6-0
Pete Miles caught carp and bream on the pole at 6m using 8mm expander pellet over feed pellets.
D Dare, Mansfield 29 85-8-0
G Gibson, Worksop 55 71-14-0

14th October 2016 Friday Open Match
Moat Pool Island – 10 pegs
J Oldfield, Sheffield 29 95-5-0
John Oldfield was today’s winner in this close match with some decent carp caught on short pole with pellet and corn.
D Whiting, March 25 83-13-0
Dave Whiting fished a pellet feeder to the far side to catch carp and the odd bream for second place today.
A Berisford, Leegem 5 72-1-0
Arthur Berisford took third place catching carp from his margins on corn over groundbait.
W Lomas, Leegem 21 69-6-0
K Crummey, New Packet Inn 33 62-9-0

13th October 2016 Thursday Veterans Winter League Rnd 1
Moat Pool – 31 pegs
A Payling, Peg One Isl 2 78-12-0
Arnie Payling edged this close first winter league match. Arnie fished his deep margins using pole with pellet and bomb and corn.
L Hewison, Leegem Isl 27 77-10-0
Lee Hewison caught well in the second half of the match on his short pole line using 6mm pellets to take second place.
D Sewell, James Maude Linden Isl 20 71-2-0
Dave Sewell took third place also catching well on short pole and pellets and corn.
W Lomas, Leegem Isl 17 60-13-0
M Hall, Tuxford Out 86 44-4-0
10th October 2016 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Pool Outer – 16 pegs
D Whiting, March 45 68-3-0
Dropping temperatures has seen the weights falling accordingly as anglers have to start thinking of adjusting their rigs and methods. Dave Whiting opted to feed little over a 20m bomb line using corn for the win.
R Holmes, Notts AA 12 60-12-0
Roger Holmes caught carp and the odd bream using expander pellet over feed at 8m on the pole.
P Schoof, Leegem 22 43-9-0
Paul Schoof took third place fishing a t-bag with pellets to the far side of Bridge.
J Hobson, Sheffield 25 39-0-0
C Yves, Chesterfield 32 36-0-0