A mixed weather week, heavy frosts, torrential rain, full sun and calm winds has made fishing difficult, however Alex Burton managed 87lb 9oz on Wednesdays match, with Rob Emmery 2nd with 76lb 4oz, both were fishing through the channel between the islands from either end of the lake. 
Alex caught on a hair rig with maggot clip with 6 to 8 maggots on.
Fly fishing for carp on Saturday on one bank of Bowes produced some very good carp best to 15lb  but also a 4lb bream quite unexpected of the top.
Bassetts has produced some cracking fishing with good averages of  40 to 50 lb of fish in a half day session. Maggot and pellet as well as worm and caster doing well on the hook don’t overfeed as water temperatures have dropped a lot to 7 deg.

Wed 17th Oct 2012 open Bowes
Conditions: overnight frost, then torrential rain , followed by sunny and partly cloudy,  ambient temp rose to 13 deg,  wind SSW 10mph gusting to 18 and swinging around , barometer 992.mb, moon phase waxing crescent,  water temp 7.8 deg, PH 7.85, DO 8.90
1st Alex Burton 87lb 09 peg 242nd Rob Emmery 76lb 4oz peg 2 3rd  Jonny Trainor 22lb 01 peg 22

Sat 20th Oct 2012 open Bowes Conditions:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 13 deg, wind WSW 6 mph, barometer 1013.9 mb,  moon phase waxing crescent, DO 8.2, PH 7.96, Water temp 9.3
1st  Jimmy Messer 33lb 12oz peg 24
2nd Colin Pine 31lb 03lb peg 3 
3rd Chris Pine 29lb 12oz peg 10
4th Dave Jackson 26lb 14oz peg 5
5th Peter Cairns 21lb 05oz Peg 2
6th Tommy Marshall 19lb 8oz  peg 4

Sunday 21st Oct 2012 open/ league LookoutConditions:- Heavy overnight frost left lakes steaming,  bright sunshine,  wind calm, barometer 1021, moon phase waxing crescent, DO 8.7, Water Temp 7.8, PH 7.99
1st  Dave Pearson 21lb 13oz peg 5  
2nd Chris Owers 11lb 11oz peg 25 
3rd John Dryden 11lb 11oz peg 3