Saturday 20th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match 

Moat (20 pegs)1 N Wood, Hallcroft, peg outer 15; 97-4-0Nigel Wood continued his good form with this latest win from outer 15.
He fished krilled maggots over EFG 131 groundbait at 6m for 18 carp to 8lb
2 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, peg outer 25; 87-10-0Andy Sellars fished long pole with meat over pellet for 13 carp to 11 lb, taking second spot
3 G Mumby, Retford Service Centre, peg outer 29; 74-8-0
Gary Mumby caught 6 carp and 30lb of skimmers and perch fishing short pole with caster over groundbait
4 A Scott, Hallcroft, 74-2-0; 5 P Bagshaw, Barnsley, 71-2-0

Sunday 21st October. Hallocroft Open MatchMoat (35 pegs)1 D Boswell, Tuxford, peg island 23; 90-2-0With 56lb needed for every 5 peg section, Moat Pool produced some impressive weights. Dave Boswell fished meat over pellet at 8m for 14 carp to 8lb
2 W Lomas, Map Leegem, peg island 17, 85-2-0 Wayne alternated corn and pellet at 11m also for a carp dominated net
3 M Brownall, Mosborough Tackle, peg outer 35; 71-4-0Mick fished pellet on long pole for 14 carp
4 A Oldham, Maltby, 70-14-0; 5 S Twigg, Map Leegem, 68-15-0 

Daiwa Hallcroft Sponsored – TEAMS OF 4 SILVERFISH LEAGUE 2012/13
Team entry £60 – Total League Prize fund over £10,000 (based on 14 teams) The Best 9 results from 11 matches.Starting on 4th Nov 2012 (full list of dates available on (Please call 01777 710448 to book in) 

Monday 15th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans 

Bridge (20 Pegs) 1 P Schoof, Hallcroft, Peg Island 22, 108-12-0 There were some impressive weights in this latest veterans open on Bridge Pool.
Leading the field was regular Paul Schoof from Island 22. Paul alternated paste and pellet at 13m for carp upto 9lb 
2 R Holmes, Notts AA, Peg Outer 48; 91-1-0 Second was consistent angler Roger Holmes. Roger fished 6mm banded pellet over 4mm feed pellet for 25lb of skimmers and carp to 8lb 
3 L Hewison, Newcastle Arms, Peg Island 10; 87-0-0 Lee Hewison caught majority of his fish in the margins on corn and maggot over groundbait. 
4 S Richards, Peg One Angling, 84-12-0        
5 I Donaldson, Hallcroft, 71-12-0 

Thursday 18th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open Moat Pool (38 Pegs) 1 D Speight, Sheffield, Peg Island 25; 60-5-0 Weights were slightly down on previous weeks for this well attended veterans open on moat pool.
Dave fished meat and pellet at 9m for carp to 8lb and a few skimmers 
2 B Sullivan, Maltby, Peg Outer 41; 45-14-0 Brian Sullivan came second from outer 41. Brian fished pellet cone with meat and corn on the hook for 12 carp to 7lb 
3 R Holmes, Notts AA, Peg Outer 22; 37-12-0 Roger fished long pole with pellet over micro feed for 7 carp and a few skimmers 
4 A Payling, Peg One Angling, 31-10-0      
5 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 30-12-0

Friday 19th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Moat Outer (11 Pegs) 1 J Masson, Maver/Marukyu, Peg 19; 79-12-0 Jamie Masson won this small friday open with 79lb. Jamie fished hairigged corn with groundbait feeder to the far bank for 12 carp and later added two carp on short pole and maggot. 
2 B Sullivan, Maltby, Peg 48; 67-12-0 Brian caught majority of his fish late on on pellet fished into the margins 
3 R Teigh, Handsworth, Peg 31; 56-14-0 Rich fished meat and pellet on long pole for 8 carp and  a few skimmers 
4 N Wood, Hallcroft, 44-14-0 Cheers Luke (Hallcroft)