Sat 15th Sept 2012 open Bowes Conditions: sunny, ambient temp 18 deg, wind WSW 8 mph, barometer 1012.2,  moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped 11.9 deg, PH 7.96, DO 7.41st Jonny Trainor 89lb 11oz peg 42nd Richard Wildman 80lb 11oz peg 23rd Simon Moles 53lb 8oz  peg 404th Colin Pine 51lb 13oz peg 345th Chris Pine 50lb peg 246th Tommy Marshall 40lb 2oz peg 18water temperature dropped after cold nights Wed 12th Sept 2012 open Bowes Conditions cloudy and rain, ambient temp 14 deg, wind NW8 mph, barometer 1008.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped 14.9 deg, DO 7.2, PH 7.791st Derek Fox  91lb 10oz peg 242nd Richard Wildman 70lb 14oz peg 23rd Tommy Cullerton 68lb 7oz peg 404th Mark Wilson 62lb 13oz peg 365th John Foster 54lb 13oz peg 186th Craig Thompson 53lb 5oz peg 26Sunday 16th Sept 12 open LookoutConditions:-  Partly Cloudy, some rain  , ambient temp 14 deg, wind SSW 5mph, barometer 1006.4mb,  moon phase new, water temp 13.4 deg, DO 8.2, PH 7.94, 1st Chris Owers 50lb peg 12nd John Dryden 26lb 4oz peg 133rd Eddie Collins 20lb 6oz peg 3A good week fishing early and late, through the day you must choose your peg with care use watercraft to choose.Bait for bream worm working a treat, caster and maggot for silvers and paste and pellet for carp, try mussel and prawn also, or luncheon meat cubes.