Monday 11th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Bridge Island/ Croft (20 Pegs)
1 D Farr, Hallcroft, Peg Bridge

Isl 13; 138-12-0 Dave Farr blitzed this veterans field with an impressive 138lb. Dave fished catmeat over pellet and hemp at 7m for 21 carp upto 15lb
2 D Whiting, Buttonhole AC; Peg Croft 5; 61-10-0 Dave  Whiting was the best weight off croft with 61lb. Dave fished worm and caster over groundbait and micropellet at 11m for a mixed net of tench, skimmers and a few small carp. 
3 R Brooks, Sheffield, Peg Bridge Isl 15; 56-14-0 Ron brooks fished short pole alternating pellet and corn for 6 carp and skimmers to 2lb 
4 M Thompson, Shawsheds, 56-0-0                    
5 C Line, Laneham, 54-12-0 

Tuesday 12th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon open Moat Outer (24 Pegs) 
1 A Oldham, Maltby, Peg 27; 134-0-0 Andy Oldham returned to winning ways with this ton plus weight. Andy fished groundbait feeder with corn and then later switched to the margins with the smae baits for  24 carp in total. 
2 K Baxter, Sheffield, Peg 41; 107-0-0 Kev Baxter also broke the ton barrier and achieved second place. Kev fished worms and maggots over pellet and hemp at 11m for 20lb of skimmers and carp to 11lb 
3 A Lakey, Gateford, Peg 52; 8812-0 Andy caught majority of his fish in the margins with corn, maggot and worm over groundbait. 
4 P Schoof ,Hallcroft, 77-15-0          
5 N Wood, Hallcroft, 68-4-0 

Thursday 14th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans  Moat Pool (39 Pegs) 
1 C Line, Laneham, Peg Outer 15; 71-10-0 Conditions were far from ideal in this latest veterans match, however ther was still plenty of good weights.Chris Line opted to fish shallow with pellet waggler with banded 8mm pellet for 16 carp to 8lb 
2 D Farr, Hallcroft, Peg Outer 105; 57-10-0 Consistent Dave Farr was second with 57lb. Dave used catmeat over hemp and pellet short for carp to 8lb 
3 L Richmond, Bircotes, Peg Island 40; 57-0-0 Les alternated pellet and meat at 11m for carp and skimmers 
4 P Schoof, Hallcroft, 56-12-0                  
5 N Wood, Hallcroft, 54-14-0

Friday 15th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon  Moat Outer (28 Pegs) 
1 P Miles, Doncaster, Peg 64; 192-3-0 These friday matches conitinue to produce some impressive weights with the top 8 all catching over 100lb. Pete Miles led the way with a mighty 192lb. Pete fished pellet cone with corn and meat and later switched to worms and maggots in the margins for carp to 17lb 
2 A Favill, Tuxford, Peg 48; 127-12-0 Andy Favill also used the margins to good effect. Andy fished caster over groundbait to both platforms for 18 carp to 11lb 
3 D Dare, Notts, Peg 29; 116-4-0 Dave fished meat and pellet short for 19 carp to 8lb 
4 A Berisford, Map Leegem, 114-12-0            
5 S Pimperton, Hallcroft, 110-10-0 Regards Luke (Hallcroft)