Great catches out this week on all lakes,  Ide over 2lb in abundance as well as golden tench in good numbers, carp moving in over bait to produce some excellent numbers caught, skimmers, rudd and roach also in some good numbers being caught,  nearly all species now starting to feed some bites are still shy however for example crucians, and perch backed of through spawning early, you may see lots of fish feeding on the eggs quiet a sight especially this early in the year.

Fish still shoaled but moving about more as water temperatures have risen this week to 7.4 deg, maggot, pellet and even paste also meat as well as sweetcorn, and worm and caster are the best baits this week to use, with best feed are pellet, maggot and use groundbait with maggot or caster mixed in. 

Sunday 9th March 2014 open Lookout

Conditions:- Partly cloudy,  ambient temp 15 deg (wow) wind WSW 12mph, barometer 1017.3 mb,

Moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 7.4 deg, DO 10.4, PH 7.23, mv –48

1st John Foster 65lb 2oz peg 38

2nd Jonny Trainor 57lb peg 32

3rd Colin Pine 42lb 8oz peg 5