9th March 2014 Leegem League Rd 1 –

Moat (60 pegs)

  • B Sullivan (Maltby)

Island 11


With the warming weather the carp were more active on moat pool but still reluctant to feed. Brian Sullivan alternated waggler with pellet and pole with pellet for his carp dominated net. Brian had fish to 7lb

  • P Tatley (Little John Lakes)

Island 63


Pete also opted for waggler to an aerator for his carp catch. Alternating depths between 2 and 4ft deep Pete caught 7 carp to 8lb

  • M Hazelwood (Map Leegem)

Outer 6


Mark Hazelwood fished groundbait feeder to the far bank reeds for his 8 carp

  • A Payling (Peg One)

Island 14


  • M Watson (Map Leegem)

Outer 94


8th March 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Sat league Final round

Moat (27 Pegs)

  • G Mumby (Retford)

Island 67


Andy Oldham came out close winner in this conclusion to the saturday winter league. Gary Mumby finishd second in the league after winning this match from moat island 67. Gary fished pole and pellet at 13m for 5 carp and 15lb of skimmers

  • L Hewison (Map Leegem)

Island 40


Lee Hewiso also mused pellet to good effect catching on 4 and 6mm epanders over 4mm feed

  • D Oldham (Maltby)

Outer 18


Daz Oldham had a mixed net of carp and skimmers for 3rd place

  • A Oldham (Frenzee)

Island 61


  • T Butt (Sheffield)

Island 64


6th March 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat Pool (38 Pegs)

  • A Payling (Peg One)

Outer 6


With the improving weather the carp started to have a feed for this well attended vets thursday match. Arnie Payling fished groundbait feeder with hair rigged corn for 8 carp to 8lb

  • D Sewell (James Maude AC)

Outer 64


Dave Sewell came 2nd from outer 64. Dave fished 4mm expander pellet at 8m for 3 carp and 12lb of skimmers

  • J Simms (Map Leegem)

Outer 97


Joe also used pellet to good effect from outer 97. Joe fished at 7m feeding micros and 4mm

  • J Hobson (Sheffield)

Outer 15


  • R Walker (Wickersley)

Outer 106


3rd March 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Croft/Brifge Isl (18 Pegs)

  • N Wood (Hallcroft)

Croft 7


Silverfish dominated this latest vets match on bridge and croft pool. Nigel Wood led the way from croft 7 with 20lb. Nigel fished maggot over groundbait for skimmers, tench and roach

  • R Holmes (Notts AA)

Croft 4


Roger Holmes opted for a pellet approach on the pole. Roger used 4mm and micros at 13m for mainly skimmers to 1lb

  • C Ives (Chesterfield)

Croft 9


Chris also used a combination of maggot and pellet for his mixed bag

  • J Hobson (Sheffield)

Br Isl 7


  • R Turner (Retford)

Croft 1