Some great individual fish being caught with peg 17 on Bowes producing a cracking carp which had lost weight over 7 lbs over winter at least now it will be feeding up again,  some good weights also if you  select a peg where the shoals of fish are for example 77lb 5oz on Sunday peg 16aa by John Dryden,

Fish are start feed   to get the catches and keep feed going in small amouts often and paste, pellet, maggot, caster, worm, all working well at the moment . It is important to use watercraft to choose your peg especially with cold winds. Water temperatures creaping up over the 5 deg temperatures with warm thermals up in the water have care when fishing take your time to get bites converted to catches as fish still slow and shy when feeding in cold water temperatures.

Sunday 2nd March 2014 open Lookout
Conditions:- Frost for past 4 nights and last night, followed by partly cloudy then showers, wind was calm then rose to SSE 15 mph, barometer 981mb low,  moon phase waxing crescent, DO 9.15, PH 7.85, Water temp 5.4 deg
1st John Dryden 77lb 5oz peg 16aa inc gp
2nd Richard Wildman 41lb 3oz peg 15
3rd Martin Craig 35lb 3oz peg 1