Cracking week TON UP in match, all species now catching and feeding now water temperatures are coming up to 8 deg, some good weights of individual fish Ide best 3lb 2oz, on Bowes, Perch 2lb 8oz on Lookout, Rudd 1lb 9oz, on Lookout, best carp was 17lb 2oz on Bowes, some realy good fish now feeding up getting ready to spawn,

We have had nights when temperature went down to –4 and then the next night –3  enough normally to freeze the lakes however the water temperature being so high we did not even get cat ice around the outsides of the lakes,  we did get some very mystical freezing fog lifting of the lake wow its so cool when this happens like it is on a film set so beautiful,

Best baits are maggots, pellet, paste (made out of angel 3mm or micro pellets) luncheon meat, even mussels worked.

Sunday 16th March 2014 open Lookout TON UP!!

Condtions:-  sunny very windy,  ambient temp 12 deg,  wind W27 gusts to 33 mph, barometer 1018.3 mb, moon phase full,  water temp 7.9 deg, PH 7.66, DO 9.6, mv –61

1st John Foster 112lb 10oz peg 16aa  went over 1 net by 6lb 10oz

2nd Martin Craig 65lb 15oz peg 2

3rd Graham Skirrey 46lb 06oz peg 32

4th Colin Pine 43lb 15oz peg 15

5th Alan Mc Guire 37lb 05oz peg 25

6th Jonny Trainor 34lb 12oz peg 29