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Week ending 26 February 2017
• Fantastic start to the new season at Ravensthorpe

• It’s not just trout at Ravensthorpe …….
Mick Griffin’s haul includes 33lb Pike

• Pitsford new season under way

• Grafham Water opens Friday 3 March

• Rutland Water opens Friday 10 March
Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

Ravensthorpe Reservoir
The new season at Ravensthorpe Reservoir got off to a fantastic start on Friday 24th. Around 70 fish came to the boat of army fisher Jamie Thomas. Despite being fairly new to the sport Jamie’s fishing companion took 20 fish. The pair reported releasing some of the larger fish which have been stocked recently around the 8lb mark.

Anglian Water’s senior coach Peter Hartley fished alongside Gary Howe in the wheelyboat and the pair enjoyed taking 40 lovely Rainbows. “We took some lovely fish and it was a terrific way to start the new season” said Peter.

Ravensthopre regular Mick Griffin fished with Roger Kerrison and brought many fish to the boat including a 33lb Pike which succumbed to Mick’s yellow dancer.

Most boats reported catches of 20 fish or more.

Various lures accounted for the majority of fish caught, including Pitsford Pea, orange blob, dancers, cats whisker and cormorants. Intermediate and sinking lines proved most effective.

Bank fishing at Ravensthorpe has been very rewarding with many fish running up and down the bank well within casting range. Floating or slow intermediate lines are best from the bank and the top flies are Pitsford Pea on the point and orange blob on the dropper.

Mike Green was first to cast on the water this season and was rewarded with eight fish in a couple of hours including a first fish of 6lb. Mike fished a brown lure with a slow retrieve.

Most anglers have caught fish or had sport from the platforms along Mongers without having to wait many minutes.

Chris White fished Ravensthorpe on Monday 27 February and caught 14 fish from the platforms in a few hours, including an estimated 12lb specimen.

Pitsford Water
Pitsford’s Open House on 18 February was a big success. Fisheries Manager John Marshall says “It was great to meet up with customers for a chat about the new season. One of the highlights was the draw from last season’s ticket returns which was won by Dhanish Nataly of Melton Mowbray. Dhanish won a Gold Season ticket to fish the 2017 season for free!”

Unfortunately Storm Doris had a sting in her tail at Pitsford and made conditions on opening weekend difficult. 4,500 fish were stocked ahead of the new season and a good population of resident fish have been evident over the winter months, but the adverse weather conditions last Thursday have affected fishing.

Although coloured the visibility of the water is not bad and anglers are catching but the best fishing is to be found closer to the shore and the boats have struggled. Pete Webb fished from a boat on Monday 27th and managed four fish from the North Farm Bay area.

Areas to try from the bank are Sermans from Grange Farm Creek to the Holly and the Gravels.

Floating or slow intermediate lines are best and favourite lures are Pitsford Pea and orange blob. Anglers wanting to fish imitative patterns have really struggled.

Best catch on opening day came to Gav Layton and Seumas Halliday who both took five fish from Sermans Bank.

Forthcoming events

Beginners courses: 5,18,23 & 25 March; 2,19 & 21 April; 11,14 & 20 May and other dates throughout the season.
Anglian Water Rudder Match 6 May.

Grafham Water
Grafham Water opens on Friday 3 March with the New Lodge Trophy for the best fish. Other matches coming up at Grafham include the Anglian Water Spring Rudder Match on 8 April and the England Eliminator on 28 April.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 4,8,19 & 24 March;1,8,13, 23 & 30 April; 21 & 25 May and other dates throughout the season.
New Lodge Trophy (best fish) 3 March
Anglian Water Rudder Match 8 April
England Eliminator 28 April
Anglers World Individual 13 May

Rutland Water
Rutland Water’s opens on Friday 10 March – marking the 40th season of trout fishing at this prestigious venue.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 12,16 and 30 March; 5,15,22 & 27 April; 7,13, 19 & 26 May and other dates throughout the season.
Independence Day Trophy (best fish) 1 April
Anglian Water Airflo International Northern heat 3 April
Anglers World Individual 8 April
Sport Fish Team Heat 9 April
Tuesday Night boat league commences in May
Dave Hodgson Memorial 7 May
Bob Church Classic 14 May
Anglian Water Rudder Match 20 May