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Week ending 11 March 2018

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Rutland Water
Opening Weekend
Bank anglers were out in very good numbers on opening day. The day dawned with frosty, flat calm conditions. Surprisingly there were fish moving in quite a few areas, despite the bleak weather recently. Fish quickly responded for many. However, the abrupt arrival of fog put the fish down for a while.

Things improved again when the sun came out, with fish coming out from Old Hall Bay, East creek, either side of Normanton church down to the blue pipes and a few on the far side of Whitwell creek. The Rod average on opening day was 4.

Darren and Luke Dodd both returned to the lodge with 20lb plus eight fish limits apiece. The pair bagged up off the Normanton bank with small damsel flies accounting for most fish.

Season ticket holder Rob Keeber of Leicester caught nine fish by lunchtime including a 5lb plus Brown. Tony Bower from Mansfield also managed the same amount with his fish falling to mainly Diawl bach. Mark McLeod took 11 fish and Graham Willis had nine fish.

It was noticeable that a lot of fish were falling to nymphs with Hilary Tomlinson netting a mint conditioned 3lb plus rainbow that fell to a black buzzer from Old Hall Bay.

Boat anglers had a slightly delayed start with ice a problem on both the pontoon and the boats themselves. Eventually things thawed out, with boats well spread out at first, with the Normanton shoreline eventually providing some of the best sport on the day.

Si Gaines and eleven others fished the Peter Porter boat pairs Competition and between them they managed a very creditable 53 fish. Si, who fished with Keith Jones, won the event with 15 fish weighing 33lb 6¼oz. Lloyd Thompson caught the biggest fish at just over 3lb.

Not surprisingly out of season browns were encountered. Guide Al Owen’s first two fish of the season were quality 5lb plus specimens. Whilst season ticket holder Mick Connor returned a superb 7lb 12oz fish off the shoreline. Rob Keeber returned good quality 5lb plus fish.

Team England squad members Ash and Tom Davis took to the boat on Saturday and had plenty of sport on Di5/Di7 lines with boobies and blobs

fished deep within 50 yards of the bank. They took a number of quality rainbows with Ash recording one around the 4lb mark. Speaking to them after the session it was interesting to note that some of the fish contained a lot of bloodworm, a good sign for buzzer sport in the coming months!

Bank anglers have continued to catch steadily throughout the weekend with the lodge to the blue pipes holding the largest concentration of fish. East Creek, Stocky Bay, Whitwell Creek and Old Hall flats on the peninsula have also seen good numbers of fish banked. Floating lines and intermediates have been employed off the bank with fish generally close to the bottom but moving up in the water column as the day progresses and air temperatures rise. In these circumstances the washing line with FAB on the point and nymphs are working well.

Retail team leader Neil Atkins had a short session after work concentrating on the harbour, he was rewarded with 10 rainbows in a couple of hours all falling to an intermediate and black and green tadpole. Rutland park manager Will Kirstein joined Neil on the bank and not to be outdone took 3 rainbows in quick succession including a 3lb plus specimen, all safely returned.

Best Areas – Fishing Lodge Harbour to Blue Pipes, East Creek, Stocky Bay, Old Hall Bay, Whitwell Creek.

15,850 fish stocked pre season.

Forthcoming events
Independence Day Trophy 1 April
AWAI Northern heat 16 April
EFFA (by invitation) 17 April
England Eliminator 29 April
Beginners courses 15 & 29 March; 4,14,21 & 27 April; 6,18 & 25 May and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses 30 April; 15 & 31 May and other dates throughout the season.

Grafham Water
Fish 107 Returns 40 Rod average 2.7
Welcome to the first fishing report of the 2018 season and what a start it has been. The Beast from the East presented some difficult opening weekend conditions but there were still some hardy anglers that braved the freezing temperatures and fished from the bank. Congratulations to John Sturt who won the New Lodge Trophy on the opening day with a 2lb 12oz Rainbow, caught from Marlow Stones, using a Bunny Leach.

The rod average for the opening week is fair at 2.7 but does not reflect how good boat fishing has been, with a number of anglers bagging up this week.

Fishing from the boat has certainly been the method of choice with many anglers catching good numbers. Notably Mr. R. Seskevicius, Mr. E. Seskevicius and Mr A. Chisholm who all bagged up this week. The fish coming out are good sizes too, with a number of 3 pounders. There have also been a good deal of Browns caught and released safely (please remember they are out of season until the 1 April, thank you), with Mr I. Chisholm recording a 3lb Brownie.

In terms of locations, Farm Bay and the Seat have been successful but reports of the Willows being a real hot spot have also come in. You may get one or two from each location but the key is to keep moving. We are finding that the fish are starting off deep in the morning and being found higher up the water column throughout the day. Anything Green and Black at this time of year will always fish well but Boobies have proven fruitful. Pheasant Tail and Shrimps have also been catching as well as Snakes and Tubes.

In terms of bank fishing, although not as successful as the boats, there have still been some reports of good catches. Mr. Petkov for example caught 8 fish and returned 4 from the bank. For locations try G Buoy, Deep Water Point, Pylon Point, Hill Farm, the Seat and Plummers but similarly to boat fishing, keep moving and you may get one or two from each spot.

In other news, the Rangers would just like to extend our thanks to GWFFA members Harley Smith, Phil Caress, Brian Calvert, John Vincent, Chris Maggs, Stuart Stenning-White and his son Eliot for helping us with bank clearance. We spent 3 good days clearing Willows and Blackthorn from the banks at Plummers and their help was much appreciated
The Rangers have also been clearing Willows from the Seat to make casting and access easier, so check out these locations.

So far we have stocked 9,900 fish this season, with a mixture of Rainbows and Browns. There has been the occasional Blue in the mix as well, which present a new challenge for the season.

Good luck and tight lines for all at Grafham for the coming week.

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water Rudder Match 7 April
Snowbee Floating Line 14 April
Beginners courses 18,23 & 28 March; 7,12,22 & 25 April;5,20 & 26 May and other dates throughout the season
Boat handling 1,14 & 28 May and other dates throughout the season.

Pitsford Water
Fish 107 Returns 34 Rod average 3.1
Fishing has been challenging since opening day with fish hard to come by unless fishing lures slowly at depth. 34 Anglers have caught 107 fish for a rod average of 3.1. Sunday was a turning point with Terry Barley from Wellingborough taking 15 fish. In Terry’s words it was a ‘fantastic day’. He fished the bank at Stone Barn and had 15 fish, with rainbows of 5lb, 3lb 8oz, 3lb 4oz and several others around the 3lb mark. He fished bloodworm patterns on a floating line.

There have been plenty of good overwintered fish caught. Richard Slater fished the bank on a morning session and had four rainbows with the best at 4½lb. Pete Webb took a boat and had six fish including a fine overwintered fish of 4lb 8oz.

Best methods have been small black and green lures or boobies fished slow on sunken lines. Best areas from the bank are Stone Barn, Northfields and Bog Bay while the boats have found fish in Stone Barn, Bog Bay and on drifts through the Narrows.

With the water at full level and a further stocking of 2,000 fish planned for this week to supplement the pre season stocking of 4,700, if the conditions stay mild the fishing should really take off in the coming days.

Best Rainbow 5lb taken by Terry Barley.

Best Brown Estimated 5lb.

Best boat areas Narrows, Stone Barn.

Best bank areas Stone Barn, North Farm.

Best methods See report.

Mid week boat winner David Strudwick of Burton Latimer.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 17,25 & 31 March; 8 & 20 April; 3,16 & 19 May and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses 2, 17 & 29 May and other dates throughout the season
Anglian Water Rudder Match 5 May

Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish 113 (season 240) Returns 21 (41)Rod average 5.3 (5.8)
The warmer weather at the weekend has helped to improve the sport at Ravensthorpe. The weekend saw most boats bagging up and some action from the bank also.

John Fletcher and Mark Benstead bagged up from a boat in Catwalk Corner. They used Di3 line and black lures to good effect. Simon Hunt opted to fish a floating line with a bloodworm pattern on the point and diawl bachs on the droppers, casting towards the overhanging trees in Catwalk Corner he had a great day’s sport. Mark Bradbury managed 17 fish from platform 14 with vivas and cormorants on a di3 line.

Best Rainbow 4lb 3oz

Best boat areas Catwalk Corner

Best bank areas Platforms 13 and 14.

Best methods See report.

Mid week boat winner Simon Hunt.

Fish stocked 2,200.