• ·       Bob Gooden (pictured) makes a good start to the new season at Rutland with a 5lb Rainbow 

  • ·      Ravensthorpe rod average 11.7 for the week

  • ·      6lb Pitsford Rainbow for George Hackett 

  • ·      Anglian Water Airflo International

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Rutland Water
Fish week 613 Returns 96 Rod average 6.38
The first full week of the season at Rutland Water has produced fantastic sport for both bank and boat anglers with a rod average of 6.38.  Anglers have reported fish containing large quantities of black buzzer and daphnia.  This is really good news early in the season giving plenty of quality food items to feed on.  The quantity will increase as the temperatures rise slowly.

Many limits have been taken this week with anglers taking advantage of catch and release to enjoy plenty of sport with up to 15 fish recorded by some anglers in a session.  Some overwintered fish have shown which is really encouraging so early in the season.  Season ticket holder Bob Gooden had a 5lb Rainbow from Sykes Lane.  This quality specimen fell to a black and gold humungus.

A number of different areas are producing consistent sport daily for both bank and boat anglers.  Old Hall flats, Hambleton Wood, Yellowstone to Hinmans, Church Bay, Normanton bank, Sykes Lane – Stocky Bay and round towards Whitwell Creek.  Fish have been taken on buzzers with a good early season cast consisting of a black tadpole on the point and buzzers/dark nymphs up the cast.

Boat anglers are using various sinking lines along with blobs and lures and boobies.  Alternatively,  midge tips with buzzers on the bung have scored.

This week we have experienced consistently cold north, north easterly winds.  This seems to have made the fish drop in the water column slightly, making it important if fishing a floating line to ensure that the flies are fishing deep enough.

Boat anglers who have ventured into open water have been rewarded with some superbly conditioned overwintered Rainbows so it’s worth remembering that fish aren’t concentrated tight to the bank in all areas.  An angler also reported taking fish from the North Arm, which he had all to himself, with floating fry and nymphs the successful tactics.  He was rewarded with overwintered Rainbows and although not ‘easy fishing’ it was very satisfying.

Although out of season, Rutland’s famous Brown trout have been making an appearance with fish reported up to 6lb; these have been admired and returned safely to the water.  Anglers are reminded that all Brown trout must be returned as quickly as possible as they are out of season until 1 April.

Another 4,000 fish are due to be stocked this week – 3,000 Rainbows and 1,000 Browns – taking the total stocked so far this season to 17,100.

Best Rainbow                                  5lb taken by Bob Gooden

Best boat areas                        See report.

Best bank areas                       See report.

Best methods                           See report.
Mid week boat winner              Ian Tildesley of West Midlands.


Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 31 March; 6,16,23 & 28 April; 8,14, & 28 May and other dates throughout the season.

Independence Day Trophy (best fish) 1 April
Anglian Water Airflo International Northern heat
11 April

Tuesday Night boat league commences in May
Bob Church Classic
7 May
Dave Hodgson Memorial 15 May

Anglian Water Rudder Match 21 Ma


Grafham Water
Fish week 552(Season 1,193) Returns 100(207) Rod average 5.52(5.76)

Anglers are enjoying an excellent start to the season at Grafham Water with a rod average of 5.52.

Bank anglers have had great sport with plenty of bag limits being taken from most points along the north shore.  The most productive areas along the shore have been Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hill Farm, Willows, North Dam and G Buoy.  The best method for bank anglers over the past week has been to fish Pitsford Pea, Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs, crunchers, tequila blobs and ptn’s at a slow retrieve. 

Boat anglers have also enjoyed good sport with the most consistent catch rates coming from along the north shore – particularly the Stumps, Seat, Willows, Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hedge End and G Buoy.  The most prolific method for boat anglers has been to fish sink tip or slow sink lines with tequila blobs, montanas, vivas, ptns, diawl bachs, crunchers, GRHE and olive buzzers with a slow retrieve.

Best Rainbow                                  3lb 4oz

Best boat areas                        Seat, G Buoy, Deep Water Point, Pylon Point, Hedge End, Stumps, Willows.

Best bank areas                       Seat, G Bank, Deep Water Point, Pylon Point, Hill Farm, Willows.

Best methods                           See report.

Mid week boat winner              Jim Flanagan of County Down.


Fish stocked                                       2,000.

Anglers are reminded that Brown trout are out of season until 1 April.  Any caught must be returned to the water alive.  The winter fishing restrictions remain in place along the western end of the reservoir until 1 April.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses
25 March; 2,9,14 & 24 April;1,26 & 29 May and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Rudder Match 9 April

Bob Church Open (Frank Cutler Memorial Trophy) 17 April.

England  Eliminator 29 April

Invicta Floating Line 7 May

England Eliminator (Odds & Sods) 22 May
EFFA ProAm 16 June

AWAI Midland Heat 18 June


Pitsford Water

Fish week 214 (Season 773) Returns 78 (163) Rod average  2.75(4.75)
The fishing at Pitsford has been harder this week due to the cold winds and fluctuating air pressure. George Hackett had one of his best days while out boat fishing on Wednesday taking 5 Rainbows, two of which were over 3lb and also returning his best ever which he estimated at 6lb.

Bank sport has been hit and miss, although anglers have reported lots of daphnia and small black buzzers in the fish they have caught.  The rod average for the week is 2.75 and 4.75 for the season so far.

The best bank areas are Stilton, Pig Stream, Gorse and Cliffs while boats have found fish in Brixworth Bay, Hell Bay and along Northfields. 

On Sunday 20 March Mid Northants Fly Fishers had a bank match.  On a tough day 16 anglers caught 20 fish.  Top rod was Grant Gibson with five fish for 12lb 0oz.  Second place went to Barry Jones with three fish for 7lb 8oz.  Pip Jeffs took third place with three fish for 5lb 13oz.  The best fish of the match was a 4lb 2oz Rainbow taken by Barry Jones with Grant Gibson taking a good fish at 3lb 13oz.

Best Rainbow                                  6lb estimated by G Hackett. 

Best boat areas                        Brixworth Bay, Hell Bay, Northfields. 

Best bank areas                       Stilton, Pig Stream, Gorse and Cliffs. 

Best methods                           See report.


Forthcoming events
Beginners courses
24 & 26 March; 3,10 & 15 April; 12,15 & 21 May and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Rudder Match 7 May.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish week 468 (Season 1,096) Returns 40(134) Rod average 11.7(8.1)
Anglers are enjoying an outstanding rod average at Ravensthorpe this season which is currently averaging 8.1. Various methods have been catching fish including Di3 lines with a green/orange cats whisker.  Buzzers have been catching on sunny days.  We have had reports of up to 30 plus fish coming to the boats on some days.  Alan Duffin had ten fish off the bank on Pitsford Peas and black buzzers.
The water has cleared over the last few days making fishing a little easier.  The area between the Island and the Catwalk has fished well all week for both bank and boat anglers.

Best boat areas                        From Catwalk Corner to Island

Best bank areas                        Domes, platforms 4-6.

Best methods                            See report.


Mid week boat winner              Mr M Foster, Buckingham.