Qualifier match report – Earlswood Lakes 
The Angling Trust and Canal and River Trust Stillwater Championship final qualifier match for 2013 was held at Earlswood Lakes on Saturday 24th August in conditions that were overcast and breezy, with the fish located in small pockets.  

The fish that were caught were of a good size with the largest recorded carp being 10 kilos. Most of the thirty eight competitors chose to fish at distance as the water was quite low due to the recent drought, and those who elected to bottom fish had the most success.
The winner on the day was Kerry McMahon (PIP) who fished a PVA bag with pellets or sweet corn as his hookbait. He had fifteen carp and a few bream from peg 68 for a weight of 53.380 kg.
Second place went to Ian Fisk (Max Angling) fishing peg 78. Ian started on the pellet waggler, but ended up catching most of his eleven carp on a straight lead with pellet as hookbait. He included about 10 kg of bream among his 47.360 kg catch.  Third place went to Barry Hollingsworth who weighed in 39.880 kg of carp fishing the method feeder with pellet hookbait at peg 62.

Section places.
Peg 12    David Perry     36.580 kg
Peg 13    Lee Heaven    22.740 kg

Peg 24  James Hipkiss (Ridgemere) 35.100 kg
Peg 20  Graham Dashwood   15.610 kg

Peg 28  Steve Ringer (Daiwa/Guru) 20.710 kg
Peg 29  Jason Benning   20.710 kg

Peg 68   Kerry McMahon (PIP)  53.380 kg
Peg 62  Barry Hollingsworth  39.880 kg

Peg 78  Ian Fisk (Max Angling)  47.360 kg
Peg 79  Glen Picton (Cotswold Angling) 34.360 kg

The five qualifiers going through to the AT & CRT Stillwater Championship grand final at Boddington Reservoir on Saturday 21st September are;  Lee Heaven, James Hipkiss, Steve Ringer, Kerry McMahon and Ian Fisk.

Photo from left to right: Kerry McMahon, Steve Ringer, James Hipkiss, Ian Fisk and Lee Heaven

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