The Angling Trust is delighted to announce that it has signed a five-year deal with Korda to sponsor Carp Team England.

The deal, worth more than £100,000 in cash and business support, will pay for England’s best carp anglers to travel wherever the World Carp Championships are held each year, along with a strong team of journalists and TV production crew. Korda’s involvement will help produce a platform to propel international carp fishing to a new level in this country. With their expertise in delivering excellent television, Internet and magazine material, along with an abundance of commercial knowledge, Carp Team England’s journey will be televised and covered heavily in the angling media.
Ali Hamidi of Korda said: “We are delighted to work with the new unified representative body for all angling to support Carp Team England. For years now there has been insufficient financial backing for th e team, almost no media recognition and despite some good results that elusive gold team medal has not been achieved. I believe everything goes hand in hand, if you’ve got great back office support, with a unified patriotic team, and the talent pool of anglers that we have in this country then we can all look forward to a great future with Carp Team England becoming the most successful carp team in world angling. For too long, international carp fishing has been overlooked, but with our media work and our unprecedented TV coverage, we will set new heights with this. It should act as a figure of inspiration for younger anglers, who can aspire to represent their country in their favourite hobby. Our growing relationship with the Angling Trust should also help them grow the member base to help ensure a bright future for angling in the UK. We can’t wait to set-up paths to entry into the team and get the ball rolling. This is exciting times for the sport, and Kor da Carp Team England will really help in growing carp fishing not just in this country, but across Europe”.
Dick Clegg, Angling Trust’s International Events Manager, said: “This is excellent news for Carp Team England. To have such a well-respected sponsor from the carp fishing industry supporting the team, gives us a great opportunity to develop the team further and build on the previous successes.”
The Angling Trust’s Finance & Business Manager, Stuart Sharp, who joined the Trust in August and finalised the deal with Korda over the past few weeks said: “This is a fantastic deal for Carp Team England and for angling as a whole. Korda’s commitment to the England team and the development of the competitive side of carp fishing is clear to see. We look forward to working with Korda to maximise the value for them as a sponsor and to ensure that the team can focus on fishing, rather than fundraising to pay their w ay. We are looking for sponsors for many other England teams and are eager to hear from any potential sponsors who might be interested in following the lead of Korda by backing the best carp anglers in the country.”