Thursday 8th November saw the annual gathering of  AAPGAI (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors) at Caer Beris Manor, Builth Wells for potential and progressing instructors assessments.

This year saw a total of 24  candidates sitting Provisional, Advanced and Masters assessments, in  Trout, Salmon and Fly Dressing categories, over 3 days. 19 candidates were successful, a much higher pass rate than on previous occasions, reflecting the continuing high standards of our coach mentoring scheme and the quality of candidates.

Congratulations go to the following 19 successful candidates:-
Provisional trout
John Tyzack
Geoff Johnston
Kevin Styles
Neil Truelove
John Little
Ian May
Provisional Salmon
Alan Maughan
Bert Schaaf (from Germany)
Ian May
Advanced Trout
Carl Hutchinson
Bob Sherwood
Tony Riley
Paul Little
Advanced Salmon
John Legg
Willie Banks (Salmon)
Brett O’Connor (trout & Salmon)
Masters Fly Dressing (All of whom are Senior Assessors).
Gary Coxon
Karl Humphries
Gary Champion
Vic Knight

This autumn we continued with the Saturday developmental workshops, as instigated at Kenmore with good response, attracting potential clients and budding instructors.

Casting pool practice

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AAPGAI will hold their next Assessment & Development weekend at Kenmore on 3rd 4th 5th & 6th April 2008 to enroll please contact Gary Champion on 01872 863551 or