Angling personality Keith Arthur has blasted antis as ‘wooly-thinking ignoramuses’ and urged the angling trade to back a boycott of the national media when it gives them a platform.

Speaking in Tackle and Guns magazine, Londoner Keith said: “It seems only in Britain and some states in America are afflicted with these wooly thinking ignoramuses.

 “Until our media is shown that the huge majority of the population is at worst ambivalent to field sports and at best supports them in one form or another – and I include hunting, shooting and fishing – we will continue to be harassed.

“When we see an article in the national press giving credence to these zealots and terrorists, why don’t we see letters by the angling and shooting governing bodies and indeed the Angling Trades Associations the very next day?

“If the papers refuse to print them, then the angling and shooting media should tell its readers which papers won’t print them and condemn them with gusto.

“A boycott wouldn’t be too difficult. The Sun is still detested in Liverpool by virtue of its slandering of Liverpool FC supporters following the Leppings Lane tragedy, and that was more than 13 years ago. We must fight back. I’ve never shot or hunted in my life, but I support those that wish to do so.”