THE owner of popular Woodland View Fishery says he believes pellets, which are banned on his Droitwich water, are ruining commercial waters.

The news comes in the same week that Browning Cudmore and White Acres have decided to ban catmeat, amidst claims that it contributes to low oxygen levels.

Woodland boss Mike Mason was speaking after a 45-peg match on his water in which the average weight was 75lb and there were seven weights over 100lb, with the top four all weighing in over 130lb.

“We have always banned pellets and imposed sensible bait restrictions here,” Mike told teh magazine Midland Angler, “These two factors, along with the stocking density and the quality of angler fishing the water, are leading to great weights like these while other commercial waters are struggling.

“It seems to me that where pellets are allowed the fish will more or less take nothing else most of the time. And if pellets are the key feed, you end up with lots of foul hooked fish which is no good for the stock.

“I also believe pellets change the water as they break down and I think they ruin a lot of commercial fisheries.

Woodland View has never allowed pellets since it opened nine years ago. Strict limits are also placed on the amount of corn, worms, meat and casters you can use.

The winner of the match, which was held on Front and Back Deans, was Penkridge rod Anthony Rogers, a man more noted for catching specimen carp from his local canal. He fished sweetcorn at 12 metres for carp to 12lb at Back Deans 63.

Added Mike Mason: “If I had to put my neck on the block I would say the fishery record of 220lb will be beaten from Back Deans on pegs 60-63 or 34-40.”

* Woodland View will again host the Midland Angler Champion of Champions final in June 2003. Any Midlands based clubs wishing to register their club should call Jemma Funnell on 01327 311999.