THE Birmingham Anglers Association says more and more stretches of river will be lost to anglers unless the close season on running water is lifted.

Vice president John Williams says that with three months effectively lost to fishing in winter because of floods, the enforced close season break from March 15 to June 16 means that clubs who control rivers are only getting six months of income at best.

And he argues that with the drift of anglers towards commercial waters, the income will simply not be enough to warrant retaining many stretches.

“I shall continue to put the case forward that the close season should be lifted from rivers to fall in line with canals and stillwaters at every opportunity,” John told Midland Angler. “It’s time we and other clubs who control stretches of river for coarse fishing were given a level playing field, otherwise more and more lengths will be lost because it doesn’t make financial sense to keep them, and more and more anglers will drift away from the river banks and not return.”


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