Paul Young discovers why anglers the world over love to target the awesome bonefish in this great episode from his Hooked On Fishing series, available to view here on this website as part of the Game Fisher’s Diary.

When most anglers think of sea fishing in Florida they tend to think of big powerful boats, 30 miles offshore in search of sailfish and marlin.
But the Keys also has some excellent shallow water fishing in the area known as the Back Country where the water is only a foot or two deep.
This is home to the lightning fast bonefish, reckoned to be one of the fastest fish in the sea and when hooked can zip off a hundred yards of line in a heartbeat.
Paul is only using 10lb line and the first fish nearly spools him, but after a tough fight and some help from the local experts, he’s admiring a superb bonefish. It’s the first fish of many in what’s a superbly enjoyable show.
It’s free to view, split into two parts, here on this website in the February issue of Game Fisher’s Diary – the video magazine for fly anglers everywhere.
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