The first time I used Pro Competition groundbait, fishing the Method in a match on Oasis at Lindholme Lakes, I had five carp in five chucks in five minutes, so obviously I was quite impressed!

I like the way it mixed up (I mixed it up just before using it and didn’t find a need to riddle it, but riddling is advisable).

It held the feeder well, yet easily crumbled in the hand into fine particles and broke down very quickly in the water. And the carp obviously approved too.
Developed by former Matchman of the Year Neil Machin, the Pro Competition groundbaits are very high in fishmeal and come in large bags that not only say they are re-sealable, they really are!

There’s an interesting mix made from crushed Expander pellets that I’ve not used yet but is said to be light and fluffy and sounds ideal for cage feeder fishing to far bank shallow features when you are looking to create and instant cloud.


There are seven ‘flavours’ in the Pro Competition range, all outlined below:

Pro Competition Red Reaper, 1kg, £3.99
Highly visible, super spicy mix with added Robin Red.

Pro Competition Krill Seeker, 1kg, £3.99
Fantastic attractant and orange brown colour makes it ideal for ‘muddy’ pools.

Pro Competition Machin’s Method, 1kg, £3.99
Slightly sticky and moulds to Method feeder really well, high protein.

Pro Competition Super Marine, 900gr, £3.69
Summer groundbait high in protein and oil – mixes up dark.

Pro Competition Super Natural, 900gr, £3.49
Light coloured and mid protein – the all-rounder.

Pro Competition Super Green, 990gr, £3.49
Protein packed, F1s love this mix that’s designed for waters that see a lot of green bait.

Pro Competition Xpanda, 900gr, £3.49
Made from expander pellets and fluffy and light – so perfect for shallow waters where you want to create a light cloud.


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