It’s rarely perfect fishing weather is it? Especially in the UK. Too wet, too windy, even (very occasionally) too hot.

Soggy groundbaits or pellets ruin things as much as maggots climbing out all over your kit, casters turning into floaters or groundbait drying out.

The NuFish 6040 Tray comes with a hood that allows you to protect your bait quickly from the elements with a flick of the wrist when the weather has one of its moods.

The tray itself is 60cm x 40cm and weighs just 2.25kg. It can be attached to your box or seat easily with sliding adaptor blocks and is easily stored and carried. The hood is a showerproof cover with mesh on the sides for ventilation so it works for you if it’s too wet, too windy, or too hot. Slightly expensive in our view but a good and certainly usesful product.

• 600D PVC hard wearing material
• 2.25kg in weight

***Fittings = Sliding Adaptor Blocks

Expect to pay around £79.99