English big pike specialist Paul Gustafson has completed his six year mission to help other anglers understand pike behaviour and morphology and catch more themselves with the publication of the groundbreaking book, ‘How to Catch Bigger Pike’.

Highlights include:

1 Chapers on fly fishing for pike written by Bob Church, Mick Willis and Pete Climo. The chapter contains almost everything linked with fly fishing for the species.

2 . Chapters on fishing big waters in Canada, Scotland and Ireland by Gord Burton; rolling, trailing, big lures

3. An extensive chapter by Al Rawlins on pike fishing in Ireland deadbaiting, trolling.

4. Chapters on pike fishing in rivers both over here and Europe. Also gravel pits, loughs, lochs and lakes. Deadbait fishing, live baits, location, temperature, barometric pressure etc.

5. Chapter on sight and vision, what colours pike actually see. Three of the world’s leading fish scientists helped with this chapter, and we have now cracked the colour codes pike actually see. ( Rods, cones, cornea
and tepetum lucidum, the retroreflector at the back of a pikes eye. This enables the fish to see in the dark. The cornea in front of a pike’s eye has a yellow tinge, it acts as a pair of sunglasses and filters out all blue light, hence
pike do not see blue in the spectrum.

6. The pike’s fish finding system, the neuromast organs is covered in detail.

7. Chapter on locating and catching a world record pike by Fred Buller. O.B.E. This was Fred’s last piece of writing on the species; it makes compulsive reading. The book also includes new pictures of the world record pike.

How to Catch Big Pike.
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