AN intrepid band of internet brothers from Anglingforums and Total-Fishing joined up for a New Year Match on Bala.

The idea of this match was first started on both site’s forums but despite fearing the worst weather Bala Lake could throw at them, the brave anglers went ahead with their plans on the 3rd January.

Mark Turner had flown over from Belgium for the match and Steve Mac came up from the South for the match, part of a 10 million mile round fishing trip lasting four days.

They were joined on Bala for this friendly match by a few Welsh international match anglers and they filled the top two spots, with Ben Roberts taking top weight.

The main method here is feeder at long range for good roach, but Ben caught two grayling close in on the waggler and in fact despite gloomy predictions, the weather was kind and the anglers had flat, calm conditions for most of the session.

Total-Fishing’s John O’Driscoll filled the frame with 3lb 12.5oz and despite a few DNWs a good time was had by all. Full result is below the pics…



Left, Stevie Mac tries to hide his secret roach additive from Zinky’s prying camera. Right, Mark Turner, who finished seventh, waits for the old tip to wang around…




Left, conditions were flat calm when bad weather was predicted. Right, the intrepid anglers make their way to the nearest boozer.



Left, Stevie Mac waits patiently for a bite and wonders why he’s been nicknamed ‘Sticklemac’. Right, winner Ben Roberts included two grayling in his catch.



1st B Roberts, 5lb 9.5ozs, Welsh International & Connahs Quay
2nd Phil Davies, 4lb 4oz, Welsh International & Connahs Quay
3rd John O’Driscoll, 3lb 12.5oz, Total-Fishing
4th J Turner, 3lb-10oz, Total-Fishing
5th M Thompson, 3lb-8oz, Total-Fishing
6th Dave Hollingworth, 3lb-0.5oz, Total-Fishing
7th Mark Turner, 2lb6oz, Total-Fishing and AnglingForums
8th Chris “Zinky” Royle, 2lb 4oz, AnglingForums
9th Steve ‘Sticklemac’ McCrory, 1lb 8oz, Total-Fishing
10th Graham Aveyard, 1lb 0oz, Total-Fishing
11th D Walker, DNW
12th D Hughes, DNW
13th D Davis, DNW
14th M Mealing, DNW
15th D Frost, DNW

Bala New Year Extravaganza