Weekly silver fish matches are starting on Barford Lake’s Pleasure Lake. Each match costs £15 to enter and quality bags of silver fish are expected. 

Bob Nudd said “The silver fish sport on the Pleasure Lake is awesome and I’m looking forward to attending the Tuesday matches once I return from Ireland.”

This year’s Silver Fish matches, which are every Tuesday 10am – 3pm, have two added bonuses. 

Barford Lakes have put up a biggest catch prize fund so the angler who has the biggest individual match weight over the season (until mid March) will receive £100 cash!

Another promotion which will be run on Tuesday and Saturday Open matches until the end of the year is Fox Match Mania! 

Sponsored by Fox Match, after each draw there will be a Golden Placed draw – where numbers one to ten will be placed back in the draw bag.  Whichever number is drawn, for example number 6 – then the angler who weighs in sixth will receive £25 of Fox Match product free of charge!

Pictured is Bob Nudd with a catch from the Pleasure Lake on an angling day with Ian Dunlop.  Further details on how he caught is on Bob’s website www.bobnudd.com  

For further information or to book in please contact Sarah on 01603 759624 or visit www.barfordlakes.com