The prepared particles are cooled in the bag to retain the flavours.
















Natural Born Killers Prepared Particle Range (5KG Bulk Bags)

 Ideal for the specimen angler

Uniquely processed using the same technology as our fantastic tinned particle range, cooked in the packaging to ensure that none of the natural attractants are lost in the boiling process. Two of the four products in the range contain whole bloodworm mixed in with the seed.


Available in Hemp, Hemp & Bloodworm, Parti-Blend and Micro Mixed Particles & Bloodworm


















Natural Born Killers Boilie Range

 BCUK have developed the new and exciting NBK boilie range to offer the modern carp angler bait, which is 100% natural and highly digestible. These baits have been formulated for instant and long term success using ingredients of the highest quality to supplement the natural dietary requirements of the carp. With subtle flavouring and natural coloration, these baits will appeal to carp everywhere.


Natural Born Killers Boilie Pellet Crumb

 To further enhance the boilie range BCUK have developed a boilie pellet crumb this is manufactured using the exact same ingredients as the boilies. The pellet crumb is ideal for many different uses it can be spoded out mixed with a groundbait used in pva bags/sticks or simply balled into your swim. The fine particles cloud up to attract even the most cautious of carp into your swim.


Food Attractors.

Pocket Boosters.





















Natural Born Killers Liquid Food Attractors 500ml
This range of multi-purpose liquids is ideal for boosting any baits attraction.

Available in all flavours in the Natural Born Killers range.


Natural Born Killers Pocket Boosters

This Range of flavour sprays is ideal for boosting the attraction of maggots, pellets, sweet corn, luncheon meat or boilies. Available in all flavours in the natural born killers range.










Natural Born Killers Attractor Paste 200g

Formulated to start working as soon as it enters the water this paste range will aggressively breakdown over a short period of time but continue to emit attractors over a sustained period drawing fish to your hook bait. Available in all flavours in the natural born killers range.


Natural Born Killers Stick Mix 1kg

This mixtures explosive nature makes it a perfectly balanced pva stick or bag mix try some in the margins and watch it work.


Bloodworm Pellets.

They were responsible for the world carp record at 83lb.
















Natural born killers Bloodworm Pellets 3kg Buckets

Responsible for the capture of Nick Massey’s 83lb world record mirror these pellets have been a huge success each 3kg bucket of pellets contains the equivalent of approx kg of neat bloodworm, we believe these are the finest pellets on the market.

















Active Range B1 Hookers 

Developed in conjunction with commercial ace Jamie Masson these pellets contain several macrobiotic ingredients that tests have proven to attract fish quicker combine these ingredients with Jamie’s unique liquid B1 attractant and you’ve got a match winning combination.


High Attract Hookers.

Active B1 Hookers.








Active Range Wheatgerm High Attract Hookers

Formulated for all season use as a high attract option these pellet hook baits aggressively leak attraction

Even in cold water temperatures. 


























Active Range Tinned Particles 300g

These particles have been designed to fizz slowly emitting powerful natural attractants into your swim producing instant results, the B1 versions contain Jamie’s B1 additive this attractor has been responsible for 100’s of match winning results. Each can comes with a re-sealable clip-on lid.


GTX Pellets.

B1 Feed Pellets 1kg  

These low oil feed pellets have been manufactured using Jamie’s B1 additive to compliment the hook pellets. They quickly leak this awesome additive into your swim producing instant and spectacular feeding results. 


Active Range GTX Pellets 1kg

These pellets have been designed to slowly breakdown leaking a cloud of oily attractants into your swim, a hybrid type pellet in between a low oil course and a halibut type pellet.



Active Range Wheatgerm Feed Pellets 1kg

These pellets have been formulated for all year round use however as with all our wheatgerm products they move into a league of there own in the colder months easier to digest in low temperatures making them what we believe to be the best all year round pellet on the market.


Active Paste 200g
Designed in conjunction with Jamie Masson this paste has been formulated to start breaking down as soon as it enters the water leaking attractants to draw fish directly to your hook bait.


Active B1 Commercial 1kg

This mix is perfectly formulated for fishing an open ended feeder the active ingredients in the mix produce an explosive breakdown when the feeder hits the lake bed drawing any fish in the area onto the feed.


Active Commercial Green 1kg

Formulated for commercial waters but equally as good for bream and tench fishing this mix can be balled in moulded around a method feeder or fished through an open ended feeder. A great all-round groundbait.


Active Commercial Green.
B1 Liquid Attractant.
Active B1 Paste.


Active Commercial Wheatgerm 1kg

This mix has been formulated as a low food high attraction groundbait although it is suitable for all year round use it is in a league of its own in the colder months when fish cannot digest feed as they would in warmer conditions.


Active B1 Expanders 400g

Designed by Jamie Masson as the perfect food pellet these pellets contain several macrobiotic ingredients that tests have proven to attract fish quicker ideal for the angler who prefers to prepare there own bait.


Active Wheatgerm Expanders 500g

Manufactured for all year round use the active ingredients in these pellets allow high leakage of added attractors making these pellets the finest high attract pellets on the market.


BCUK Frozen Naturals

The quality of our frozen naturals is second to none all quick frozen as soon as they are harvested to ensure that they are as fresh as can be when the customer receives them available in 100g blister packs or 1kg blocks in the following: Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, and mysis.


Active B1 Liquid Attractant 500ml

This is the secret additive that Jamie Masson uses for all his fishing ideal for flavoring expanders, maggots, pellets, meat or groundbait to give you that edge over others fishing around you.