Hot, oppressive, still conditions with the threat of thunder meant difficult fishing for the 31 contestants, with many struggling to catch fish consistently. As often happens many did not catch until the last hour in the Angling Trust and Canal & River Trust Stillwater qualifier held at Blythe Waters on 22nd August 2015.

Jason Benning was by some distance the top weight with 53.84 kilo.

Qualifiers through to the grand final in October are;
Section A Bridge Pool, Jason Benning, 53.84 kilo

Section B Bridge Pool, Peter Goodwin, Browning/Bucknall Bikes 40.84kilo

Section C Willow Pool, Craig O’Brien, 38.16 Kilo

Section D Willow Pool, Terry Winstone, Bonehill Mill, 22.76 Kilo

Top 4 weights in the qualifier were;
Jason Benning, Bridge Pool, 53.84 Kilo
Peter Goodwin, Browning/Bucknall Bikes, Bridge Pool, 40.84 kilo
Craig O’Brien, Willow Pool, 38.16 kilo
Barry Bush,Lingmere, Bridge Pool, 34.50 kilo

The next AT/CRT Stillwater Championship qualifier will be held at Blythe Waters on 19th September 2015.