Tackle shop Benwicks is responding to customer feedback by reducing the cost of ordering groundbait, pellets and hook pellets online.

Traditionally anglers have been loath to include groundbait and pellets in particular into online orders because of weights and high postage costs.

However, with many anglers now having to make relatively long journeys to their nearest tackle shop, the cost of fuel is now a major concern.

Benwicks boss Andy Crane has reacted swiftly to these worries by reducing the cost on bait orders made on the Benwick’s website. For orders under £50 the cost is now just £6, while if you order over £50 of bait from the site, the charge is only £2.50. Orders are delivered in 3-5 working days (see http://www.benwick-sports.co.uk/postalfpage.htm ).

Andy explained: “I obviously speak to anglers day in, day out and fuel costs are an ever-increasing problem for many.

“Many customers will now pay for delivery rather than drive miles to the nearest shop that stocks what they need.”

The Benwicks bait offer is currently available for Sonu Baits, Dynamite Baits, Bait Tech, GOT and Ringers groundbait ranges, with Sensas, Van Den Eydne and others soon to be added.

Added Andy: “The service isn’t just catching on in the UK, but in Europe too. We have already sent several orders of bait to Europe as there seems to be a lack of shops stocking the latest commercial fishery type baits.

“We can send about 25 kilos to most European countries for between £20-£40, which seems to be popular. But we do ask customers to contact us before ordering from abroad to get an exact carriage charge.”

To find out more visit www.benwick-sports.co.uk; or call 01353 721009, or email info@benwick-sports.co.uk .

Note that if you intend to buy anything other than bait from the site, it needs to be placed as a separate order.