Over 2000 people responded to Defra’s consultation on proposals to increase the number and size of bass available to the commercial and angling sector.


Ben Bradshaw, Fisheries Minister said:

“I am really pleased that so many people have responded to the bass

Consultation. The high response rate is an indication of the strength of  feeling

About this issue and I thank everyone who took the time to contribute.


“There will now be a careful analysis of the information provided and  once

This has been completed I will let everyone know what the next  teps will be.”


The consultation sought views on an increase in the minimum landing  size of

Bass from 36cm to 45 cm and a corresponding increase in the  minimum mesh size

For enmeshing nets targeting bass from 90mm to 105mm.


1.  Copies of the consultation document can be found at

_WWW.defra.gov.UK/corporate/consult/bass-mls/index.htm  _

(http://WWW.defra.gov.UK/corporate/consult/bass-mls/index.htm) or from Nicola Clarke, Area 7E, 3-8 Whitehall Place,

London SW1A  2HH, fax: 020 7270 8097, or email: _bassmls@defra.gsi.gov.uk_

(mailto:bassmls@defra.gsi.gov.uk) .


2.  The consultation opened on 16 November 2005 and closed on 8  February 2006. Responses can no longer be accepted. A similar  consultation is being conducted by the Welsh Assembly Government and  closes on 14 February.


3.  The MLS would apply to bass caught by English fishing  vessels wherever they may be, and other UK registered fishing vessels  when in the English part of UK fishery  limits.