Those of you familiar with Total Sea Fishing will no doubt have experienced the shameful blatherings of ‘Iowa‘ (real name Noel O’Toole).


He has a ‘thing’ about the excellent rods designed and distributed by the ‘AnyfishAnywhere’ set-up based in Torquay. Iowa has unashamedly offered everything bar sexual favours in exchange for a freebie beachcaster.


Julian Shambrook and Ian Scadding who are behind the relatively new company took pity on ‘Iowa‘ and sent him a woolly hat emblazoned with the company logo! Angling pal, Adrian Farley (‘H.A.’) decided he ought to be granted his wish. Ada made up a scale model of the 13’4″ Match out of carbon offcuts which featured a through-actioned tip and a stiffish butt with just enough play in it to stop any tendency for the rod to bite back. A perfectly sized carbon spigot is used to join the two parts. An orange glow tip and non-slip hand grips as well as coasters complete the spec. 


Finished in metallic purple and gold metallic whippings on (mini) Fuji rings, the rod is bound to develop residual value as a collectors item ‘one-off’..


The rod was presented to Noel at The Lifeboat Inn, Hayling Island by landlady Hayley Seddon.

The photos below show Noel’s sheer joy at receiving his gifts.