For best results, fish the fly as part of a team of three and on a long leader. It’s a pattern that can work in any position, including on the often tricky, middle dropper. It will work on every line from a floater to a fast-sinking one.
This is an unassuming pattern that is just as effective on resident fish as it is on stockies.
Try using differently coloured biots for the back.

Hook: Kamasan B160 size 12
Thread: Black
Body: Black and silver Blaze
Rib: Purple wire
Tail: Black marabou
Thorax: Three strands of peacock herl

How to tie the fly

1. Clamp the hook in the vice and form a bed of tying thread along the hook shank.
2. Take a small pinch of black marabou and secure in with the tying thread, keeping the body even.
3. Now secure in some purple wire at the bend of the hook with your tying thread.
4. With a single wrap of thread, attach the biot, and with your fingertips manoeuvre it into place on the back of the hook shank.
5. Now form an even dubbing rope and wind up to the start of the thorax area.
6. Bring the biot over the back of the hook shank, taking your time and ensuring you get it in line, secure with the tying thread and trim the excess.
7. Wind the copper wire in open turns up the hook shank and secure with thread and trim the waste end.
8. Attach three strands of peacock herl at the back of the thorax and bring your tying thread up to behind the eye of the hook.
9. Wind on the herl and secure behind the eye, trim the waste ends, whip finish and varnish the head.

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