The build-up of bright-green tying thread gives a very good trigger point. At the same time the long marabou tail and bright-green partridge hackle give the fly plenty of movement, just like the real thing.
Fish this fly on its own with a long leader and an intermediate line for best results. On reservoirs, fish it on the point with a nymph on the dropper.

Hook: Standard wet size 10
Thread: Fluo green
Body: Olive and gold Blaze
Tail: Olive marabou
Rib: Medium copper wire
Hackle: Lime-green partridge
Head: Tying thread

How to tie the fly

1. Clamp the hook in the vice and with touching turns create a base of tying thread, stopping opposite the barb.
2. Take a generous pinch of marabou and secure with a couple of wraps of thread, trim the excess and even up the body.
3. Now secure the ribbing material, the copper wire, at the rear of the hook shank.
4. Form an even dubbing rope with the Blaze.
5. Wind the dubbing rope in tight touching turns up to the thorax area, making sure there is no thread visible.
6. Wind the copper wire up in the opposite direction from the dubbing in open turns – six should do.
7. With your hackle pliers, grab the tip of the partridge feather and stroke the fibres back in the opposite direction. Attach the hackle by the tips.
8. Wind the partridge hackle a couple of times around the shank and secure and snip off the excess.
9. Now build up the head with the tying thread, until you are happy with the shape, and whip finish. Add a drop of superglue for a more robust pattern.

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