It’s a great pattern to have on the middle dropper when fishing Czech Nymph style or ‘high sticking’ faster areas of the river.
When it comes to clear water, use it as an ambush pattern for stalking individual fish, making sure you use a tapered leader for presentation purposes.
This pattern is tied with a green body, but you can use a colour best suited to your river.

Hook: Kamasan B110 size 12
Bead: 2mm tungsten
Thread: Black
Body: Green dubbing
Rib: Gold wire
Tail: Partridge
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Partridge

How to tie the fly

1. Thread the bead onto the hook, clamp the hook in the vice and wrap on the tying thread.
2. Take some feather fibres from a partridge hackle and secure in at the tail with the tying thread.
3. At the same tying-in point secure the gold wire. If required, run the tying thread up the body to ensure that the whole body is even.
4. Form a dubbing rope and wind up the body in touching turns to a point a third of the way behind the hook eye.
5. Now rib the body with the gold wire and secure and trim the excess at the same area behind the eye.
6.  Take a partridge feather and secure it to the hook shank by the tips.
7. Using the hackle pliers, grip the feather and wind round the hook two times before securing and trimming.
8. Take a length of peacock herl and double it over and secure with the tying thread.
9. Warp the herl around the shank three or four times, secure and trim before whip finishing and add a drop of varnish.

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