The second installment of the Black Cat Trophy ended June 30th 2012. 25 boats with each two participants joined the competition at the River Rhone‘s Aramon section.

The majority of teams were French but there were also teams from Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. The Black Cat Trophy has become an established part of the international series of Catfish Competitions, the next installment in 2013 is likely to attract the best Catfish specialists from other nations as well.
At daybreak weather conditions were ideal with a light northern wind and summerly temperatures. The riverbed is perfectly suited for drift angling with vertical rods and artificial or natural baits. During the course of the day conditions worsened with increasing southern wind. Unfortunately the organizers had to cancel the event around 3 pm as the wind had simply gotten too heavy, fishing from small boats was no longer safe on the turbulent water. Therefore the catch results did not meet the high expectations with only ten fish caught this year compared to 31 in 2011.  It is likely that several side effects like late catfish spawns and water turbidity – caused by draining of a reservoir – have influenced the results.
In spite of these adverse conditions the Team Robin-Baptiste was able to win the Black Cat Trophy for the second time in a row with three catches and a total score of 487,75 points. Team Krings-Jaouani took the second place on the podium with  two catches and 472,5 points. Team Meyrieu–Ayme scored third place with one catch and 323,75 points. The price for the biggest catch was awarded to Team Krings-Jaouani for a fish of 1,90 m.
The winners were presented with tackle from Rhino/ Black Cat with a value of €2770,- The prices for the second and third place had a respective value of €1870,-  and €870,- . In addition the fishing associations of the french  Départements Gard, Bouches du Rhône and Vaucluse presented the winners with cheques of €250,- for the first two positions and  each €150,- for places three to six. Each contestant received a consolation prize at the value of the entry fee from the sponsor Zebco Europe and the angling associations.