Henry Gilbey joins Graham Hill for some high adrenaline estuary bait fishing for bass.… in this programme from video magazine Sea-Watch which is free to view in the latest issue.

There are thrills, spills, tips, advice and plenty of action with one of the sea angler’s most sought after fish in this Irish angling adventure.
Henry is fishing fast-moving estuary water where bass are on the move and on the lookout for food, and he does what every travelling angler should do, he enlists the help of a dedicated local bass angler in Graham Hill.
Learn about tackle, bait and rig selection, about the all-important aspect of fish location and how to present a bait in fast moving tidal water for this wonderful sport fish in a must-see show from Fishing TV.
The made-for-TV show is free to view online, on i-phones and on i-pads, here on this website and now on Samsung Smart TVs, split into two parts, in the latest issue of Sea Watch.

Just click on the link below to get going and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.