Sea Watch brings you some of the most brutal saltwater action on the planet, as Bob Roberts and friends set about catching probably the toughest fish in the sea.

They are fishing off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean and their target is the tackle-destroying giant trevally.
Bob takes up the story about how the trip came about….
“I was inspired by Stephen Palmer and his mates, who came along to one of my Caer Beris coaching weekends. They told me all about giant trevally, promising me they were the biggest thrill in angling, bar none. I was told I could forget mahseer and Nile perch. These were fish that smash rods and lures for fun and smoke reels.
“I had to look into it and the more I found out, the more I was convinced that GTs really were the real deal.”


And so it was that Bob found himself fishing in electric storms, blazing sunshine and everything in between for these awesome fish. 

The fishing is exhausting, but it’s just about as high-adrenaline as it gets – hitting even an average sized GT is like connecting with a train travelling in the opposite direction and if you manage to hook up and land it, you need a serious rest afterwards.
The team doesn’t just catch some incredible GTs, but also dogtooth tuna, huge barracuda, Spanish mackerel, grouper, snapper, coral trout – all manner of colourful, tackle-busting species.
It really is the trip of a lifetime and luckily these intrepid English anglers captured it all on video. We are privileged to have gained access to the footage and the first episode is FREE TO VIEW in the Sept/Oct issue of Sea-Watch here on this website – it really is must-see material.
You can watch it online, on i-pads, on i-phones and now also on SAMSUNG SMART TVs.
Just click on the link below, and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.


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