Bob James is back on the big screen in a new series for .

Bob’s six-part ‘Total Coarse Fishing’ series kicks off on one of his favourite venues, the River Wye, targeting one of his all-time favourite fish – the barbel.
Bob shows how to prime a swim to build up the confidence of the fish before you even set up your tackle, and demonstrates how you can specifically target chub and barbel in different parts of the swim, using different techniques.
The Passion For Angling star starts out on the float, using traditional tackle in the form of a centrepin reel, matched with modern baits in the form of pellets and boilies.
He lands a string of superb chub before switching to the feeder and taking a leaf out or the carp angler’s armory with his rigs to land barbel to double figures… looked on by his pet terrier Cassy.

Bob’s next four installments in Total Coarse Fishing feature him targeting specimen carp, tench, roach and dace. The series also includes episodes with John Bailey, Ali Hamidi and Darren Cox.
The programmes are currently available online only to members of web based angling TV channel…. which now has well over 300 great fishing videos to choose from.