Every angler needs some form of receptacle to store his/her fishing tackle in so that they can transport it to a venue. It also helps ensure that the gear is tidy and out of sight when not in use.

It makes sense to carry all that you need to a mark, simply because it makes life easier when fishing if all your bits and pieces such as reels, lines, rigs, hooks, leads, baits, etc are close at hand. But you also need to be comfortable when you are on a long session, and a seat can play a positive role in this department. In fact, it is probably just as important as some form of shelter.
This is where seatboxes come into their own, because they offer the angler the storage space for their tackle, as well as something to sit on while waiting for bites.

One thing you should think about when buying a new seatbox is the size. There is no good or bad rule here, but if you buy a large box you will be tempted to overfill it with things you don’t need, which could see you carrying far too much weight to your chosen mark. The same goes for a small box and you have to ask yourself if it’s big enough to accommodate all your tackle requirements.

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Sundridge S-Box
Cushion: No, but does come with the higher models
Strap: Yes
Trays: One
Compartments: Three
RRP: £29.99

TSF Says…
This is a very robustly constructed box, which could happily cater for the heavier gentleman. There is a standard hatch-type entry to the main compartment, which has more than enough space to hold all your bits. There is also a tray, which comes as standard and can fit onto the inside or outside of the box to suit the user’s needs. A great touch is an extra double compartment that sits on the top of the box, which can comfortably hold multiplier reels, terminal tackle or anything of around this size that you wish. Over all, it is an excellent design and would be suitable for shore or boat anglers.

Shakespeare Beta Box
Cushion: Optional extra, £4.50
Strap: Yes
Trays: Optional extras, £5 each
Compartments: One
RRP: £29

TSF Says…
This is a no-nonsense box that would certainly suit shore or boat anglers, simply because of its simplicity. It is strong, reliable and will hold more than enough gear for a fishing trip. As standard, it comes supplied with a carrying strap, but if you want trays for it, they will be extra. Ironically, the only drawback is in fact due to its simple design, and that is because your gear can get into a bit of a muddle after a hike. It is best to put a few smaller containers in it, which will act as dividers as well as keeping your tackle in order. If you do opt for a seat cushion, be sure to stick it to the lid or pop it away when not in use, otherwise a gust of wind will send it into the sea!

Team Daiwa Seatbox
Cushion: Optional extra, £5.99
Strap: Yes
Trays: Three, plus divider tray
Compartments: One, or two if divider is used
RRP: £54.99

TSF Says…
This box is massive and there is no doubt that you could keep all that you need for sessions, as well as a whole lot more. It comes with a carrying strap, a large container/divider and two trays. The large divider acts as an upper section, which is easily removed in order to access the space below. The trays clip to the box with a positive click and can only be fitted to the outside of the box. The latch that locks the lid down is a bit fiddly to locate properly, and it is easy to leave the lid undone. Nevertheless, this box is first class and it is ideal for shore or boat angling.

WB Clarke Junior Seatbox
Strap: Yes
Trays: No
Compartments: One
RRP: £19.99

TSF Says…
This is a little beauty! It is the lowest-priced box of the lot and yet it offers exactly what a seatbox should, which is a container that acts as a seat. Despite most of the other boxes requiring extra cash for the seat cushion, this one comes with it as standard. What’s more, it is permanently fixed so there are no concerns about losing it. The lid is attached via two straps with clips onto the main box, and it can be completely removed if needs be. It is robustly built and will hold more than enough tackle to suit the needs of the average shore or boat angler.

Leeda Seatbox
Cushion: Optional extra, £9.99
Strap: Yes, padded
Trays: Optional extra, £7.99
Compartments: One
RRP: £39.99

TSF Says…
This is certainly one of the most robust of the bunch, with a lid that is constructed of a harder plastic than usual. There are no worries about this one breaking when sat on! In the package you get a box that can hold plenty of gear and a shoulder strap, but anything else will be extra. These include a top box for an extra £19.99, and trays that clip onto the outside of the box. An excellent touch is that the carrying strap is padded, because this makes lugging the box around when it is full a lot more comfortable. The lid is removable, purely so that the add-on top box can be fitted or removed. The catches fasten down positively, ensuring that the lid will not pop open unexpectedly.

Shakespeare Team Box
Cushion: Optional extra, £4.50
Strap: Yes
Trays: Optional extra, £5
Compartments: One
RRP: £39

TSF Says…
This is another excellent example of a practical, robust and good-value-for-money seatbox suitable for shore or boat fishing. This is pretty much identical to the Beta box, only this one is bigger and has a large capacity to cater for anglers who like to carry a little more tackle. However, when shutting the lid it can be a bit of a fiddle to properly locate the locks, because the whole box can distort a little under load, which in turn can misalign them. It is also important to make sure that the lid catches are inside the box and not outside before sitting down on it, otherwise they can become damaged if weight is placed upon them. All said and done, though, it is a great box at a good price, and for an extra £44 you can add a top box.


W B Clarke Seatbox
Cushion: No
Strap: No, but could be fitted with one
Trays: No
Compartments: One, plus two drawers and internal tool tray
RRP: £24.99

TSF Says…
Although we have looked extensively at the standard types of seatboxes, there is one other kind that must be considered, and that is the tool-kit type. This is a cracking example of this sort of box, because it can hold a good amount of tackle, as well as having drawers and an internal tool tray. Instead of a strap it has a basic carrying handle, but there are areas on the box where a strap can be added if needed. This is perfect for the junior angler or someone who likes to travel light when shore or boat fishing. Although it is lower to the ground than the others, it is still very comfortable to sit on due to its curved shape.

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