Quantum Specialist test angler Holger Aderkass has seen immediate, impressive results with the Quantum Battle-Shads.

He reports from his home in Norway: “I received the new Battle Shad rubber fish from the Quantum Specialist series a short while ago. It made a tremendous impression the moment I unpacked it – the colors and design are of the highest quality. I could not wait to give these new lures a test run! It is always something special because you never know what could happen.The result was incredible. Both the zander and perch went wild for the Battle Shad. Both species detect their prey primarily through the lateral line and by sight. So why does the Battle Shad make such an extraordinary impact? For me, it is principally the swimming action on the sinking phase and the well conceived colours. The Battle Shad is clearly above all other rubber fish in my records because everything works in harmony! And, clearly, the figures do not lie: In recent weeks, I have landed 45 perch, 12 of which were between 40 and 47 cm, as well as 60 zander, the best of which was 94 cm and a good 7 kg, plus 4 zander between 4 and 5.5 kg. If that does not define a successful shad, then what does?”Marketing Manager Frerk Petersen of Zebco Europe: “The Battle Shad is a 100% invention of our team anglers. In particular, it was angling guide Lars Vormelker who constantly requested a large, powerful rubber fish that could be cast long distances for bodden use. Unfortunately, the development took longer than we had hoped but the results speak for themselves. And we have now also been able to send the first deliveries of the Battle Shad to the retail trade.”