Quantum Specialist team angler Babs Kijewski has recorded another ultimate magic moment in her fishing career.

The euphoric angler recounts: “On 30 June, I had no fishing planned for the evening. However, I had one of those feelings. Summery temperature, just after a storm, the surface of the quarry lake teeming with jumping small fish. In recent years, I have noticed that the prospects of landing the really big female pike are particularly good in these conditions. The predators follow the small fish from the depths almost up to the surface, which is exactly where I presented my large rubber fish. At eight o’clock, the bite I was waiting for arrived. My Crypton Pike Stick bent like never before. Once the fish was safely landed, I took it to the nearby bank to take a few pictures before releasing the 1.2-metre old lady.  What a magnificent pike and what a wonderful summer evening…” For further information, visit www.babs-angeln.de