Pub landlord Kevin Gardner has boated the fourth biggest marlin ever landed on rod and line – a blue marlin weighing a massive 1,320lb – while fishing off the Ascension Islands.

Kevin, who runs the Kings Head pub in Coltishall, Norfolk, set himself the seemingly impossible target of catching a ‘grander’ 25 years ago and achieved his dream while on a ten-day fishing trip on the isolated volcanic island in the equatorial waters of the South Atlantic Ocean. 

The exceptional marlin stripped 700m of his 130lb line within 15 seconds and was eventually brought aboard over two hours later, five miles from where it was hooked. 

The six-metre long fish, which was less than 100lb short of the world record for the species, was kept for food for the islanders, while Kevin has brought the fish’s spear home. He has now set himself the target of catching a great white shark.

The IGFA all tackle world record for Atlantic blue marlin is 1,376lb, which was caught off Hawaii in 1982. 

Source: Daily Mail