Carp Channel sponsor Taska has added another name to its growing consultants list, this time in the shape of Belgian angler Dennis Hellings, whose personal best carp goes a massive 67.7lb.

Dennis (24) specialises in fishing massive waters like Cassien in France and admits he is ‘addicted’ to carp fishing.

Name:Dennis Hellings
Age: 24
Location: Belgium
PB:67.7 lbs
Favourite Rig: Short combi rig
Favourite Bait: Sticky baits- Vortex & krill 

I started fishing together with my dad when I was just 5 years. Like most people I fished for Roach and Bream.  When I was 12,  I became more and more interested in Carp fishing and since then my life is changed dramatically and I got really addicted to it. 
Setting goals and achieving them is one of the best feelings. That’s why  I love target fishing  so much. You can go through hell, but when you bank your target, it’s all worth it… 
My favorite fishing waters are great public lakes in France like Madine and Cassien. In Belgium I prefer the river and medium-sized lakes where I choose my targets. Choosing the right bait and tackle is essential when you want to be successful. That’s why I’m so critical in my search for the right stuff. When you finally hook that big fish, you have to be sure that your tackle will stand firm when you play the fish! I’m convinced of the Taska quality and that’s the reason why I said yes when they asked me to join the team. I’m looking forward working with them and hope we can keep developing  new and innovative tackle.