Devon angler Jon Patten has hit the world angling headlines after catching this magnificent dogtooth tuna off Tanzania – a 236lb 15oz brute that looks almost certain to set a new All Tackle record for the species.

The dogtooth tuna, also known as the scale-less tuna, inhabits tropical and subtropical areas of the Indian and western Pacific oceans and is noted for its brutal fighting prowess and power.

Jon managed to keep attached to the mighty fish during a blistering first run, and then found himself engaged in an energy sapping, hour -long tug of war which he finally won using 80lb tackle, after the fish took a yellowfin tuna hook bait.

The Barnstaple angler was fishing with IGFA Representative Jason Alexiou and the catch looks sure to be accepted by the IGFA as a result.

The current record is a 230lb 6oz fish caught off Mauritius in 2007. In 2014, also off Tanzania, an angler hooked a massive dogtooth tuna that could have eclipsed the record, but was attacked by a huge shark that left only the head.