The first Angling Trust and British Waterways Stillwater Championship qualifier for 2012  took place on Saturday 23rd June 2012 at Boddington Reservoir, Near Byfield, Northamptonshire with 70 competitors.

Water levels were slightly down on the day, but this didn’t create a problem with the competitors fishing.  The winner Chris Hill (Hookbait Solutions) from Birmingham weighed in with 42.300kg from peg 88 on section F.  Chris caught 12 on the long method and at 70 yards  one on the pellet waggler.  A variety of tactics on the day accounted for fish caught mainly on the long range method with either discs of bread or boilie on the hook.
In second place was Maurice Williams (Sensas Chiltern Baits) from Southam, Warwickshire on peg 63, section C with 32.850kg and in third place was Steve Mayo (Maver) from Bristol with 30.750kg on peg 86 section F.
Section A – 1st Trevor Wyse  – peg 42 – 17.000kg (Qualifies)
Section A – 2nd Glen Maxwell – peg 45 – 7.000kg
Section B- 1st  Carl Barnfield – peg 53 – 126.150kg (Qualifies)
Section B – 2nd Terry Winstone – peg 55 – 20.320kg
Section C – 1st Maurice Williams – peg 63 – 32.850kg (Qualifies)
Section C – 2nd David Frith – peg 60 – 18.00kg
Section D – 1st Terry Winter – peg 68 – 24.250kg (Qualifies)
Section D – 2nd Shaun Sanders – peg 75 – 22.150kg
Section E – 1st Paul Knapman – peg 83 – 24.250kg (Qualifies)
Section E – 2nd Steve Ringer – peg 78 – 22.650kg
Section F – 1st Chris Hill – peg – 42.300kg (Qualifies)
Section F  – 2nd Steve Mayo – peg 86 – 30.750kg
Section G – 1st Malcolm Bond – peg 105 – 25.850kg (Qualifies)
Section  G – 2nd Omer Patel – peg 97 – 24.750kg
The Angling Trust & British Waterways would like to offer their congratulations to the seven section qualifier winners from this qualifier who are now in the final on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at Earlswood Lakes.
The next qualifier for the series of Stillwater Championships will be taking part on Saturday 7th July 2012 at Boddington Reservoir.
Full results are available on the Angling Trust website at