Jason Cann shows how he sets up his bubble float rig when fishing for cautious carp.

THIS is a fabulous set-up to use on waters where the carp have been totally slayed on Mixers and are ultra-cautious of taking a surface bait near a standard controller float.

The bubble float is difficult for the carp to detect as it’s filled with water and doesn’t have much of a silhouette against the skyline. It’s also a very good ‘bolt’ rig. Fill the bubble with water before casting and you’ve got a heavy controller that, when a carp takes the hook bait, creates enough resistance to pull the hook home without you having to strike.

You can use the bubble float with any surface bait, but I definitely prefer bread crust. Use the right type of crust and you’ll find – especially on waters where the public feed birds – that carp will take confidently.

You’ll need a bubble float, Korda Tail Rubbers, a size 8 swivel, a 6lb to 10lb fluorocarbon hook link and a size 6 or 8 Gamakatsu Longshank hook.

Get two Korda Tail Rubbers and a float. Thread a rubber up your main line, then the float, then another rubber.
Join the Tail Rubbers to the bubble float like this. Tie on the hook link and slide the hook link swivel into the bottom rubber.
Try crust with this rig. Thread a big hook through a lump of crust two or three times to keep it on the hook.
Use a hook link of between two and 10 feet and a mono main line. Fill the bubble float with water before casting.