Jason Cann’s favourite rig for surface fishing at 50-80 yards.

THIS is the rig I’ll use most of the time when fishing for surface-feeding carp anywhere between five and 80 yards out. I use the Gardner Flatliner Controller with it, a float that’s excellent because it casts a long way and also lies flat on the surface – meaning it’s less likely to spook carp.

The rig is simplicity to tie. You’ll need a Flatliner of your choice (the further out you want to fish, the heavier it should be), some Korda Shockleader Sleeves, some 0.75mm tubing, a size 8 swivel, 15lb Giant Neutral braid and a size 8 or 10 hook.

Tie the hook link so it’s between four and eight-feet long. There’s no need for it to be any longer than that, otherwise it won’t cast as far and could tangle more easily.

To use, get the carp feeding, cast beyond them and gently tease the rig back across the surface into the path of feeding fish. Hopefully, they will then take the hook bait and hook themselves against the weight of the float.

Tying The Flatliner

Thread a swivel, eight inches of tubing and Shockleader Sleeve up the main line. Then tie on a Flatliner Controller float.
Slip the Shockleader Sleeve over the Flatliner. Then slide the swivel down the sleeve and tie on the hook link.
STEP Three
When you tie the hook link, thread a Sleeve down that too. Place over the swivel. This acts as an anti-tangle boom when casting.
Here you can see the finished rig. Note the tubing and how the Shockleader Sleeves are connected. Simple and efficient.