20 January 2009: Scotland’s largest business support organisation has launched a new programme of support to help Fishing businesses survive the credit crunch.  

The “Business Doctor” programme, launched by GO Group, aims to aid ailing Fishing businesses with a range of training and advisory services, focusing on nurturing business start-up, supporting business growth and encouraging innovation during the next financial year. 

Liz Metin, Deputy Director of Learning and Development at GO Group, said: “It’s a fact that some 90% of applications for equity funding in Scotland fail to achieve their objective every year, proving that it’s tough, and getting tougher, to secure the cash to drive business growth.

“It is therefore vital, now more than ever, for companies to become forward thinking and prepare thoroughly for what lies ahead. GO Group has designed a programme of support that looks closely at the reality facing Scottish Fishing businesses. Our aim is to prepare business owners with tailored advice, to help them through these difficult economic times so they will grow and flourish when they make it through to the other side.” 

Help will be available to look at the secrets of securing funding, growth opportunities in tough times – and how to grab them, and making businesses attractive to investors. 

Metin added: “We’re committed to working closely with businesses and taking the time, however long it takes, to address their individual concerns. Running a business can leave owners feeling isolated, especially when things get tough, so it’s important for them to know that support is out there.”                                         

For more information on the training available from GO Group please call 0845 602 1249 or visit www.thegogroup.co.uk