BRITISH Waterways won’t be changing its rules on the number of keepnets needed to fish matches on its prolific bagging waters, following Dave Parvin’s 539lb carp haul from Boddington Reservoir.

BW’s John Ellis told Southern Angler that he sees no reason to make compulsory changes to its match regulations and says that Dave’s massive six-hour catch on the Northamptonshire venue is an exception.

“As most of the matches held on our waters are won with around 100lb, I see no need to force anglers to use more than two nets,” said John. “Dave Parvin’s catch was exceptional and he could have asked angler’s around him if he could borrow extra nets if he was catching so well.

“I don’t think we can insist on asking anglers to carry more than two nets, but if they believe they are going to catch loads of fish, it should be their responsibility to ensure they take extra nets.”

Fawley-based Dave Parvin bagged his amazing 539lb carp haul in a Tightlines match held on Boddington Reservoir, but due to not replacing some stolen nets he only arrived at the event with two.


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