CONFUSION reigns over Gary Thorpe’s claim on a new world five-hour match record after the National Federation of Anglers stated it had ‘no opinion’ on the historic achievement.

Gary weighed in an incredible 490-8-0 in a five-hour event at Oxfordshire’s Rolf’s Lake, obliterating Dutch master Bert Van Gerven’s widely recognised five-hour best of 419-8-0 of bream, taken in a 1990s Danish festival.

A regular face at Rolfs, Gary drew peg 19 in the 20-peg open and pole fished 4mm and 6mm pre-softened GOT Baits pellets over a bed of 4mm and 6mm sinking pellets at eight metres on top a shallow gravel bar to take 62 fish to 15lb.

However Midland Angler’s investigations have discovered that there is no set down criteria for ratifying a world coarse match fishing mark.

Deputy editor Steve Martin contacted the NFA, and a spokesman commented that the organisation’s official stand is they have no opinion on the matter.

In fact, the catch can only be treated as an unofficial record, as there is no official body willing to take responsibility. Angling’s world governing body CiPS won’t pick up the baton, as its events are three-hour sprints and there is apparently no interest in records.


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